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Michèle Lalumière offers a range of services for residential and commercial interior design projects, (new construction and renovations):

  • Correct and modify plans prior to building
  • Draft interior design plans
  • Create lighting plans
  • Design built-in furniture
  • Draw up detailed materials lists
  • Manage projects

Michèle Lalumière takes a flexible approach, tailoring her role to fit the client’s needs, level of involvement and budget. The key stages in her creative process all lead up to the magical moment when the brand new interior is ready to be lived in. Her project management experience guarantees quality work that meets the client’s expectations.

The client can opt for a turnkey solution or a more “hands-on” approach if he or she prefersto play a more active role and be involved in the process.


  • Consultation : Assess needs, gather information, determine the scope of the change
  • Sketches Visualize suggested solutions to make an informed choice
  • Original design Original interior design plans
  • Planning Develop a project master plan
  • Devis technique
  • Drawings and Specifications
  • Materials Source, select and purchase materials, products and accessories
  • Supervision Oversee work, ensure quality control
  • Furnishing and decoration Once work is complete, place furniture, accessories, and artwork.
  • Client approva: Ensure total client satisfaction


Michèle Lalumière has a long track record of original projects and satisfied clients, and it wouldn’t be possible without her hand-picked team of trusted, highly skilled professionals who have proven their ability to get the job done :

  • Professionals : Engineers and architects to ensure compliance with the building code.
  • Tradespeople : Seasoned professionals in all the building trades.
  • Suppliers of specialized products and services : Expert manufacturers, exclusive distributors
  • Craftspeople : To deliver custom-built, local solutions

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